Detsky Mir announced a new share repurchase program

Detsky Mir launched a second share repurchase program in addition to the public offer on October 5. The purchase price was 71.5 rubles. per share, reported company press service.

Shareholders can sell their securities in two ways – at the Moscow Exchange trading or after accepting the mandatory offer of the DFMA joint stock company.

The price of Detsky Mir shares on the Moscow Exchange on October 9 at 10:34 Moscow time increased by 4.86% to 71.24 rubles. The Moscow Exchange Index at this time was 3180.33 points (+1.21%). Since the beginning of 2023, it has increased by 47.78%. The company’s quotes increased by 2.1% during this period.

“Child’s world” launched repurchase of shares from non-resident investors in accordance with government decisions. Owners from unfriendly countries can receive money for sold shares only in type ā€œCā€ accounts. They are opened to non-residents in banks that have permission to open such accounts from the Central Bank. Type ā€œCā€ accounts were created in order to prevent the illegal withdrawal of funds from Russia by residents of unfriendly countries.

On September 20, Detsky Mir announced the completion of its transformation into a private business. Following the completion of the buyback programs announced in May 2023, the company consolidated 58.26% of voting shares of Detsky Mir, including securities owned by its affiliates. At the same time, Detsky Mir announced plans to acquire the remaining shares.

The company held an IPO in February 2017. At the first placement, the price of shares was 85 rubles. for a security. The transformation of the retailer into a private business started in November 2022.

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