Details of the murder in the business center of the Tyumen region became known

On Thursday, February 8th, a brutal murder occurred in the Ugra business center in Tobolsk, Tyumen region. Right in front of eyewitnesses, the man attacked his beloved. The details of the tragedy are reported by 72.RU.

It is alleged that the reason for the reprisal was jealousy: the woman suspected her partner of cheating and invited her to the office “to talk.”

“At this time, a very sharp quarrel occurred, as I understand it, due to the fact that Sveta found out that Oleg was maintaining a love relationship with his wife, whom he never divorced. At the same time, he proposed to Sveta,” said journalist Vadim Kalina.

To take revenge on her lover, the woman met another man, and the killer “found out about it and reacted in such a harsh way.” After committing the murder, Oleg left the office. Witnesses to the crime called law enforcement officers, but they could not immediately catch the man. However, his identity was quickly established, but when the police arrived at Oleg’s apartment, the man was already dead.

Earlier it became known that in the Tyumen region a man had committed violent acts against a boy under his care for several years. The young man himself spoke about the tragic incident after he grew up. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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