Deputy Sholokhov ridiculed Galkin*’s complaint about the ban on visiting Bali

The State Duma responded to the decision of the Indonesian authorities to ban Maxim Galkin* from visiting Bali. First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture Alexander Sholokhov said that this development of events was a personal success for Alla Pugacheva’s husband.

The parliamentarian noted that the comedian with “inflated fame” needed financial support from the state. However, as soon as Galkin* stopped receiving fees for concerts, it became clear that “besides his own” few people needed him.

Sholokhov also responded to the statement of Galkin*, who blamed the Russian authorities for what was happening.

“It’s too much of an honor to send letters to the Russian government asking them not to let Galkin in*,” the NEWS.RU portal quotes him as saying.

Maxim Galkin*’s performance in Bali, scheduled for January 27, did not take place. Comedian they didn’t let me in to Indonesia during passport control. Alla Borisovna’s husband said on his social networks that two days before the event, he was approved for a work visa. He also had no problems with the documents required for the speech. However, passport control officers turned him away, citing a letter from the Russian government, Galkin said*.

Previously Public News Service wrotethat Russians spent their last money buying tickets to Alla Pugacheva’s concerts. However, this did not stop the artist from fleeing the country and insulting her compatriots.

*recognized as a foreign agent by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

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