Dentist Daria Zvezdina told how she combines work and the show “The Voice”

Daria Zvezdina, who took part in the TV show “The Voice,” shared information about how she works as a dentist and finds time to rehearse.

As part of a dialogue with journalists from Channel 7 Krasnoyarsk, the girl noted that before the casting she dreamed of the musical performer Polina Gagarina, who later took the participant to her team.

Zvezdina continues to work as a dentist in two medical institutions at once, and develops her singing skills in her free time. To do this, she turned to a specialist. There is time for training even in the car when Daria goes on business.

She emphasized that iron discipline and help from her family allow her to cope with such a load.

“Thanks to help, I can do anything. Because I have a lot of strength, a lot of desires. I have a resource for this, I use it and, thank God, everything works out for me,” reads the text of the statement made by Zvezdina.

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