Dekhto in the EU respects that the President of the European Commission "went too far" in support of Israel

On the virtual summit of the European Union, dedicated to the situation at the Close Convergence, the middle of the EU countries expressed differences in support of Israel, which recognized an attack from the side of the terrorist group HAM AC.

Dzherelo: “European truth” s posilanyam na Euroactiv

Details: The main issue for the rich EU member states was that the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, shifted her importance to continuing to unpretentiously support Israel.

The material shows that von der Leyen was criticized for her recent visit to Tel Aviv, even though the message was delivered without the caution of other European leaders and EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell, about those who And Israel is obliged to comply with international humanitarian law .

According to the words of people informed about her, although leaders of the EU countries directly praised von der Leyen for her visit, most of the member states had previously criticized her uncoordinated position.

Euroradia President Charles Michel, after two years of virtual negotiations, affirmed that the current EU policy can be based on uniformity and consistency, with respect to international law, no matter what All conflicts, which were also perceived as von der Leyen’s public fortune telling.

Negotiations at the meeting were interrupted after the leaders of the EU countries learned about the Palestinians’ statement that the Israeli air force had never hit a drug store in the Gaza area. Why did hundreds of people die?

Israel withdrew its responsibility to the letter, declaring that it was guilty of harm from a missile fired at the Palestinian terrorist group “Islamic Jihad”.

Euractiv means that, speaking to journalists after the summit, von der Leyen was already more careful with her relationships. EU diplomats, who were asked to remain anonymous, said they noted a change in tone.

“We are guilty of crumbling further and concentrating on the shouts, so let us assure ourselves that we will not have problems with the fact that she oversteps the mark in her diet,” said one of the diplomats from the EU.

After the virtual EU summit von der Leyen saidthat the EU will not put a premium on solidarity with Israel and helping the Palestinians.


  • 16 zhovtnya EC voting about the organization “Humanitarian wind bridge”, after which humanitarian aid will be delivered to the Gazi sector as the Arab-Israeli conflict escalates.
  • Vodnochas EU three sizes of humanitarian assistance for the Gazi sector up to 75 million euros.

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