Death of a Ukrainian near the Wroclaw vivereznik: video shows that there were torturings on the side of the police

The Polish news outlet Onet published a video recording that shows that the police took the cakes to the Ukrainian Dmitry Nikiforenok at the Vivereznik of Wroclaw, as a result of which the man died two days later.

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Details: Dmytro Nikiforenko, originally from the Vinnytsia region, worked in Poland in his days. On June 30, 2021, my colleagues and I turned around at the barbecue, where we drank, and Nikiforenko was also drunk.

A later check showed that there was 1.5 ppm of alcohol in his blood.

Vidannya says that according to the first police reports, no drugs or stimulants were found on anyone.

Nikiforenko took the bus home, never once acting aggressively. In accordance with the latest statements of the police, without belittling anyone, do not behave in a loud or indecent manner, and at any moment simply fall asleep.

Law enforcement officers sang that the Ukrainian was aggressive and was never going to get hurt by hitting his head on the window.

But in reality there was nothing like that on the bus. If the bus arrived at the end of the river and failed to wake up the passenger, they called the Swedish police to Nikiforenok, and then the police, who took him to the veterinary.

At about 22:27, the Ukrainian captured a camera installed in front of the entrance to the Wroclaw Center for Assistance to Persons at the Alcohol Drinking Station. How fatefully, the government transferred the premises to the Mutual Aid Association in the name of Cardinal Stefan Vyshynsky after, as a result of the accident, a drunken woman was burned alive to the staff there, tied with belts to a bed.

Nikiforenko Chomus was taken to the police station in handcuffs. Footage taken through a number of hills, and the police report that before leaving the car they pressed mucus gas against him. Fresh traces were visible on the face of the Ukrainians.


photo from the website

It was also possible to make inquiries for the trial of the young police inspector from the representative Tomasz Matsuga, who, based on the analysis of the recordings from the security cameras, obtained.

According to the record, the Ukrainian authorities began to freeze at 10:41 p.m., and at 11:06 p.m., doctors began to carry out resuscitation operations because they could not help revive the man.

From Matsuga’s house, the footage shows how at 22:41 four people carried Nikiforenka by the arms and legs outside the room and laid him down. From that hour on, he was steadily restrained by the veterinary policemen and policemen, pressed against him with a service stick, pressed down to the couch and struck. The video clearly shows that the Ukrainians are mentally ill. At some point, one of the policemen sat on the back of a recumbent man.

At about 10:57 p.m., he was no longer washed, but the attendants—three policemen, two men and three women—lying unshakably on his bed, stood and watched over the lying Nikiforenko. Having untied his legs and checked his health, they put the man on a lien and began to press him for help. The doctors continued their unsuccessful efforts for several weeks.


photo from the website

The death of Nikiforenko was brought to an end. The Ukrainians were also informed that he died before being handed over to the police due to a heart attack.

Internal police activity, external andSalary from police serviceswho took part in the torturahs, lost their livesafter the material was published by Vidanna Wyborcza.

Berezny rock has an indictment against eight individuals pending trial. Prosecutor’s officecalled three policemen and two paramedicsVivereznik at the mercy of the Ukrainian and beat him to death.

The fourth police officer is called to provide unsolicited assistance to the Ukrainian: according to the investigation, they were careful not to do anything to counteract the situation.

The female medic, who worked in the center and could not avoid violence against Nikiforenok, incriminates killing through negligence.

Two more accused are also members of the sparrowweed, who were also involved in the incident.

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