Danilov calls on Ukrainians not to mess around with messages "actors-spreaders"which years FSB

Secretary of National Security and Defense Oleksiy Danilov appreciates that the Russian intelligence services are actively trying to form a new intelligence network in Ukraine with the help of all sorts of pseudo-experts, and calls on the Ukrainians for information and hygiene.

Dzherelo: Danilov borders X

Details: According to the RNBO secretary, Russia’s only chance to make Ukraine healthier is to split and coerce the Ukrainians in the internal conflict, which the Kremlin has successfully done with the rest of the ten – dividing Ukraine into classes, creating Russian proxies -parties that corrupted politicians and falsified history.

With the continued active activity of the Ukrainian security forces, a large-scale purge of Russian agents was carried out. Ale Russia and will continue to be in place of one cut head at the height of a number of new ones.

Nina, behind all the signs of the FSB of the Russian Federation, is actively trying to formulate a new intelligence network, placing high hopes on it, says Danilov.

In other words, the prospect is to develop a political project aimed at the surpluses of the pro-Russian population, and in parallel with this there will be an information intervention with the intention of stealing the process of internal control Inskoe destabilization.

Direct language: “Signs of such activity are the sharp activation of various “experts”, “actor-spies” and other types of swindlers in the Russian agenda. These people are howling about the “failure” of the counter-offensive, insisting on the need to reconsider the goals of the war (and also not going to the borders in 1991), they are distributing for the sake of fighting the ZSU, they are seeing fake inside information about “conflicts” among the military-political establishment, they are calling for the acceptance of “good Russians” and it is wrong to inflate that from Russia I need to stay home.

Ukrainian law enforcement structures respectfully monitor such criminal activities, identifying and committing them.

With their help, Ukrainians may show a high level of information caution, so as not to become confused by the products of Russian information “lifestyle.”

What blew: Blogger and longtime employee of the Office of the President Oleksiy Arestovich, on his Telegram channel, criticized the actions of the official government, in the context of the counter-offensive at the front. He called the current Ukrainian ceremonies such that they “have lost their competence,” and called before the elections in Ukraine.

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