Criminal investigators identified all those who died in Grozia, there are 59 people – MVS

Law enforcement officials identified 59 people who died as a result of the Russian strike on the village of Groza on the 5th of June.

Dzherelo: head of the MVS Igor Klimenko Telegramriver worker of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Mar’yana Reva at the commentary of “Ukrainian Truth”

Direct language from Klimenka: “Police crime investigators identified all those who died as a result of a missile strike on a cafe in the Kharkiv region. 59 people were killed by Russians directly from Iskander in the village of Groza. All victims were local residents. Pensioners, doctors , farmers, teachers, entrepreneurs. All are civilians. They perished with their entire homelands. generation.”

Details: According to him, 19 individuals were identified using mobile DNA laboratories. For this purpose, the police routinely collected samples from relatives, created profiles, and looked for similar fragments.

Klymenko clarified that one of the dead – a 60-year-old man – was identified by criminal investigators in 20 parts of the body.

Two more individuals were identified due to the special speeches obtained from the delay of the dead, since they did not have relatives in the direct line for the alignment of DNA profiles.

The River Ministry of Internal Affairs clarified the UP that 59 individuals died as a result of the blow to Grozia, and not 56, as the regional government had previously reported. Another 5 victims, as they say, are in hospitals.

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