Cosmetologist Edemsky voiced Russian stars who overdid it with beauty injections

Many famous personalities are willing to spend huge sums on correcting their appearance. Cosmetology and surgery allow some stars to continue to shine in the Hollywood sky, as well as remain attractive and in demand, even after years, and resist competition from younger beauties. Famous personalities do not want to grow old; they strive to remain attractive for as long as possible, as reported by the Evening Courier publication.

However, some celebrities have gone overboard with the use of hyaluronic acid, according to expert cosmetologist Alexei Edemsky, who is well versed in this area.

For example, Janice Dickinson often appears tired and unhappy, but this does not mean that she has a poor quality of life. Presumably, this may be due to improper administration of drugs.

In addition, the cosmetologist believes that Larisa Guzeeva’s swelling is not associated with the aging of the body.

34-year-old former member of the Tatu group Yulia Volkova, according to the doctor, looks much older than her age. The singer underwent many filler injections, which led to the appearance of extra wrinkles in the lip area. The drug is administered in such quantities that it puts pressure on the soft tissues, causing the formation of folds. Thus, Julia ruined her appearance with her excessive passion for cosmetology.

Donatella Versace also overdid it with hyaluronic acid injections. A large number of procedures led to an unpleasant result on her face. The designer got rid of wrinkles, but instead her face began to look like a mask.

Earlier it was reported that actor Pavel Derevyanko declassified his new chosen one. Details in the material Public News Service.

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