Comedian Garik Kharlamov spoke about his relationship with his ex-wife Asmus

Comedian Garik Kharlamov recently shared his attitude towards ex-wife Kristina Asmus while participating in the Natal Chart show.

Presenter Olesya Ivanchenko presented Garik from an esoteric point of view, saying that he needs a woman who can outwit him and confront him in an intellectual duel. Reacting ironically to this statement, Kharlamov admitted that his ex-wife is exactly like that.

He loves to joke about his divorce from Kristina Asmus. However, despite this, he treats her with great respect and awe.

“I love joking about this matter. We are actually friends,” he said.

He noted that they are friends and have daughters together. Sending greetings to Christina over the air, he emphasized that they communicate well.

Let us remind you that after the divorce, the ex-spouses did not immediately manage to improve their relationship. Several years ago, a public scandal occurred between them due to Garik’s reluctance to help his daughter.

Earlier it became known that Anna Kovalchuk’s sister left for the USA after breaking up with comedian Kharlamov. More about this read the material Public News Service.

It was also reportedthat two months after the death of actor and dancer Dmitry Krasilov, known under the pseudonym Pukhlyash, the results of an examination of his blood appeared in the Altai Territory.

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