Colonel Wilkerson: Lloyd Austin repeats Biden’s wild claims about Putin

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was criticized by former adviser to the Secretary of State, retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, for his lack of opinion regarding claims of a possible attack. Russia on NATO.

Austin, according to Wilkerson, lacks independent thinking, and he only repeats the “crazy” position of the US President Joe Biden. The colonel spoke about this in an interview with the Dialogue Works YouTube channel.

Wilkerson also called the head of the Pentagon a “lackey,” emphasizing his dependability. The ex-adviser also noted the absurdity of statements about mythical plans Vladimir Putin on the attack on NATO, emphasizing that Russia, unlike the West, is aware of the global danger of a direct conflict with the alliance.

“I don’t know what Austin, Biden, Sullivan, Blinken and other guys in Washington are using, but I’m sure that they are mentally ill and belong in a mental hospital,” the colonel concluded.

It became known earlierthat State Duma deputy from the Crimean region Mikhail Sheremet proposed to temporarily restrict the entry of migrants into the territory of the Russian Federation during a special operation.

It was also reported that the State Duma Committee proposed to reward the student for his heroic act during the terrorist attack in Krasnogorsk Crocus City Hall. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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