China will be a new generation nuclear submarine

China is beginning to develop a new generation of nuclear submarines, which will again become a problem for the United States and its allies, so it is important for submarines to be careful.

Dzherelo: Reuters

Details: Analysts and regional defense officials say there is growing evidence that China will build a Type 096 submarine vessel before the end of the decade. And its noiselessness is ensured by Russian technologies.

The research, discussed at a conference at the US Navy and Maritime College and published in September by the Chinese Institute of Maritime Research at the College, suggests that new ships will be much more important to follow. According to seven analysts and three military attachés based in Asia, this conclusion is reliable.

A submariner with the representative and analyst of the military-naval technical intelligence, one of the predecessors of this submarine chief, Christopher Carlson, said that “the type 096 will become a nightmare. It will be even more important to reveal them.”

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