China has accumulated a wealth of nuclear weapons overseas – Pentagon

As a result, China has built nearly 100 nuclear warheads. According to the Pentagon’s estimates, the pace of Beijing’s increase in nuclear weapons stockpiles exceeds the latest US forecasts.

Dzherelo: sound To the Pentagon, dedicating the policy to China, which I quote “European truth”

Details: US Department of Defense analysts believe that China has over 500 nuclear warheads in its arsenal, which is about 100 more, at least.

At the latest, the Pentagon has indicated that Beijing is rapidly modernizing its nuclear forces, rather than estimating that its nuclear forces are increasing at a slower pace. until 2035 roku matima 1500 nuclear warheads.

Now the Pentagon predicts that China may aim to deploy over 1,000 nuclear warheads by 2030, cementing its status as the world’s third nuclear power after the acquisition of the United States and Russia.

For whom the People’s Republic of China, apparently, is relying on new breeding reactors with liquid neutrons and a refining facility for the production of plutonium – which the Chinese government officially calls part of the tracking of the “peaceful atom”.

According to data from the Stockholm International Research Institute, Russia has 5,889 nuclear warheads, and the United States has 5,244.

However, China expected to take part in negotiations between the US and Russia Because of the exchange of nuclear weapons, it is firmly established that the arsenals of these two countries are much larger during the reign of power.

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