Cardiologist Yagafarova said whether coffee will help with low blood pressure

Alfiya Yagafarova, cardiologist of the therapeutic department of the CDC NCC No. 2 of the Russian Scientific Center for Surgery named after. acad. B.V. Petrovsky, answered “Aif” to the question: does coffee have an invigorating effect on people with low blood pressure.

Coffee contains a huge amount of useful substances – about 1000. Among them are caffeine, tannin, malic acid, antioxidants and others. The composition of coffee varies depending on the variety, region of origin and degree of roasting. Even just roasting can impart up to 800 different flavors to beans.

Drinking coffee really helps people with low blood pressure – due to the caffeine, the drink invigorates. The effect of coffee begins within 5 minutes after consumption – vascular tone increases, metabolism increases, stomach function improves, the brain is activated and breathing improves.

Scientific studies have shown that drinking one to two cups of coffee per day containing 200-300 mg of caffeine on average increases systolic blood pressure (upper) by 8 mmHg. Art., and diastolic (lower) – by 6 mm Hg. Art. This effect lasts for three hours after drinking the drink.

It became known earlierthat sudden changes in temperature can have a negative impact on the health of certain groups of people, especially those who have suffered from infectious diseases, viral infections and respiratory diseases.

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