Cameron Diaz will return to films after 10 years

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has decided to return to her career. She hasn’t acted for almost 10 years.

The actress joined the filming of the new film “Back in Business,” which is being developed by Netflix. The first footage from the filming that had already taken place was published on the platform.

The project is scheduled to be released in 2024 with Cameron Diaz in the title role. The film tells the story of former CIA operatives who choose to leave their jobs for a quiet family life. However, due to a number of reasons, the heroes are forced to become spies again.

Cameron Diaz has not acted in film since 2014, and her last role was in the film Annie. Then the actress explained that cinema takes a lot of time, and she wants to devote herself to her family, but a couple of years ago the star admitted that she misses filming.

Earlier it was reported that Natalya Podolskaya will play the main role for the first time in a film about Santa Claus. Details in material Public News Service.

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