Buzova decided on names for future children

Russian TV presenter Olga Buzova has still not found happiness in her personal life. At a minimum, information about new relationships after breaking up with David Manukyan (DAVA) did not appear in the press. There are only rumors about their possible reunion after filming TNT’s extreme adventure project “The Emperor’s Treasures” in the People’s Republic of China, where the singer appeared as a presenter and Manukyan as a participant.

Subsequently it became clear that they were not together. In addition, fans have suggested that the musician is in a relationship with Marie Crimebreri. David decided not to confirm or deny the speculation, but admitted that he was actually dating a girl, without disclosing her name. At the same time, social networks began to discuss Olga’s wealthy admirer. It was he who, according to available information, gave her a car worth 40 million rubles for her birthday. It is believed that, despite the expensive gifts, Buzova keeps him at a distance.

The artist herself devotes a huge amount of time to work, however, according to her, she does not lose hope of finding a worthy gentleman and building a strong family. The presenter even decided what she would name her future children. The girl is Maria, and the boy is Alexey – in honor of her first lover.

“I studied in 11 “B”, he in 11 “B”. “I was always the most fashionable girl in school, boys fought over me,” the TV presenter said during a conversation with VOICE. — We were at graduation together. I really like the name Alexey.” The artist complained that she had been dreaming about this for a long time, but the information “has not yet reached the universe.”

Earlier, TV presenter Olga Buzova commented on producer Natella Krapivina’s accusations of alcoholism. Recently, the ex-producer of the Loboda artist Natella Krapivina spoke sharply about Olga Buzova during a broadcast on the Internet, calling her “always drunk.” More about this read the material Public News Service.

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