Brussels is deafened by the greatest threat: the terrorist is still at large

The Brussels terrorist who killed two Swedish football fans is still at large.

Dzherelo: RTBF

Details: The level of terrorist threat in the Brussels region was raised to 4, the highest, “through a serious and imminent threat.”

The match between Belgium and Sweden, which is with Vibirkov at Euro 2024, did not renew itself after the shooting, which was just a stone’s throw away from the start of the game.

30 minutes after the first half, which ended with a 1:1 score, the stadium announcer confirmed that the Gravians had decided not to continue the match.

The patients were not allowed to leave the football field for nearly an hour.

According to the local prosecutor’s office, the attacker targeted three people, two Swedish patients who died, and a taxi driver who is now in safety.

The authorized intelligence services have a video in which the man records himself and confirms that he is a member of the terrorist group “Islamic Power”. The man seems to have taken revenge on Islam by killing three Swedes. The authenticity of this video still needs to be verified.

Guess what, Brussels has a square called Sentelette became strilyanina On Monday evening, two people died.


  • 13 zhovtnya 20-River Islamist originally from Chechnya, killing a literature teacher and injuring two more people with a knife at the lyceum in the town of Arras in the evening of France.

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