Bonya spoke about threats from her ex-fiance

TV presenter Victoria Bonya shared that one of her former fiancés threatened her. She said that for a long time she could not get rid of him.

Bonya did not specify which ex-boyfriend she was talking about, but described his persecution in detail. According to her, the man changed after she decided to end their relationship. He was desperate, ready to do anything not to let her go. Victoria recalled how she lived in fear for nine months, as she constantly heard only threats from him:

He said: “I will kill you! I’ll spray it with acid! I’ll infect you with AIDS!” What didn’t he say…


The threats only stopped after Victoria decided to confront him. She stopped being afraid and openly stated that if he wanted it that way, he could harm her. About it Russian the celebrity said on the “Dialogue with Yourself” podcast.

Let us remember that Victoria recently broke up with millionaire Ruslan Gasanov. Some on the Internet suggested that he was the mysterious groom. However, Bonya emphasized that they parted as friends.

It was previously reported that “Iron Man” star Paltrow criticized superhero films. More details in material Public News Service.

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