BMJ: Korean dish kimchi reduces weight and belly size

The traditional Korean dish kimchi can help fight excess weight, reduce belly fat, and also reduce the risk of developing diabetes. The influence of a popular dish on human health was studied by South Korean scientists during a study. The results were published by The BMJ Open.

Experts tested their guesses on a group of participants of 100 thousand people. It turned out that men who eat three servings of kimchi a day are less likely than others to experience obesity and belly fat. Kimchi with added radish is recommended for women.

However, eating a large amount of the traditional dish, on the contrary, can worsen the situation and lead to an increase in excess fat.

Earlier, endocrinologist Ekaterina Young named products that are more dangerous to the blood and blood vessels than sausage. The doctor urged people to give up fried foods, chips, baked goods and sweets. More details in material Public News Service.

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