Bloomberg: Trump’s rival Haley left without funding after primaries

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who is currently in the running for the Republican presidential nomination, has lost financial support she received from Americans for Prosperity. Bloomberg shares relevant information. The journalists referred to the memo provided to them.

The article states that the organization decided to stop funding after Haley’s defeat in the primaries, which were held in South Carolina. At the same time, at first the politician hoped for victory based on the results of the preliminary vote, relying on the fact that in the past she had twice received the post of governor of this state.

“Given the challenges ahead in key states, we do not believe any outside group will have a significant impact on extending her path to victory,” Emily Seidel, a senior adviser to Americans for Prosperity, said in a statement. .

According to journalists, another candidate for nomination, former head of state Donald Trump, after winning the primaries, gained the opportunity by mid-March to receive a sufficient number of delegates to be appointed as a representative of the Republican Party in the election of the new US president.

Previously Public News Service reported, that, according to Haley, Donald Trump will not be able to defeat the current owner of the White House, Joe Biden. In this regard, she refused to withdraw from the election campaign.

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