Blake Martinez, from being in the NFL to selling Pokémon Cards

The player, Blake Martínez, of Mexican descent, announced his retirement from the NFL in 2022 and now leads his trading card trading company.

Former linebacker Blake Martinez found a new passion selling and auctioning trading cards from anime like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh, earning millions of dollars in his first few months.

After seven years of a professional career in the NFL, Blake Martínez went through the Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, and Las Vegas Raiders, the latter where he announced his retirement in November 2022. “I am announcing my retirement from American football. I had an amazing journey with some amazing franchises and made lifelong friendships.

I have chosen to step away from this career at this time to focus on my family and future passions! I am excited for this new journey and I appreciate all the fans and organizations that have supported me throughout the years! ”, The player wrote on his social networks.

Blake’s Breaks, as the former player’s company is called, offered a Pikachu card and later sold it for $678,000. He currently has 15 employees and the business continues to thrive, having generated nearly 20% of what he earned in six seasons as a professional football player, with $5 million in sales.

The 29-year-old has sold cards to internet personalities such as the creator of American content, Logan Paul, the YouTuber even had the luxury of entering with a first edition Pokemon card of “Charizard” hanging around his neck, which is valued at more than 100 thousand dollars in his fight against Floyd Mayweather jr.

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