Biographer Meghan Markle declassified Kate Middleton’s nickname at the palace

In a new book about the royal family, Omid Scobie portrays the 41-year-old Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, as the target of attacks from many Buckingham Palace officials and staff.

An unofficial biographer of the Dukes of Sussex claims that the relationship between the wives of Princes William and Harry is completely damaged. The book also claims that Kate has not spoken to Meghan since 2019. The writer notes that Prince William’s wife was initially not interested in friendship with Meghan.

Moreover, Omid compared Kate Middleton to the heroine of Ira Levin’s book The Stepford Wives, as she is submissive and unquestioning. As Scobie notes, Kate is like a Stepford wife, as she has always acted cold and distant towards Meghan.

At the same time, Scobie notes that behind Prince William’s wife’s name is “Katie Keene,” which means cunning Kate. He claims she has no plans to increase her workload for the next 10 to 15 years until her children are grown. In contrast, the late Queen held no fewer than three hundred events a year, despite occasional breaks for rest. Omid notes that Kate is still focused on her family and then just her royal duties.

According to the biographer, Elizabeth II initially had a positive attitude towards Kate Middleton. The late Queen saw her as ideal for the role in contrast to the rebellious and strong Princess Diana.

Omid also notes that Kate Middleton, unlike Meghan Markle, uses her public appearances to show off fashionable outfits, while Meghan has been more active in her royal duties and has become the “new Diana” to the public.

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