Biden advocated destroying Hamas

US President Joe Biden supported the destruction of the Palestinian group Hamas; Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip are justified. This is what he’s talking about stated in an interview with CBS News.

“Israel is persecuting a group of people involved in a barbarity that has consequences as serious as the Holocaust. So I think Israel should respond. They will have to go after Hamas. Hamas is a bunch of cowards. They are hiding behind civilians,” he said.

Biden also noted the need to create humanitarian corridors that will allow civilians to leave the Gaza Strip, as well as organize the supply of humanitarian aid. According to him, a complete blockade of Gaza “would be a big mistake” because Hamas does not represent all Palestinian civilians.

The American leader stressed that Hamas must be completely eliminated. At the same time, he noted that the creation of an autonomous Palestinian state is necessary, although not now.

By information Ynetnews portal, Biden may soon visit Israel on a working visit, but the dates have not yet been determined.

On the morning of October 7, the Palestinian group Hamas began military operations against Israel. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) responded by launching Operation Iron Swords, striking hundreds of Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli government announced that the country had entered a state of war. The IDF began to carry out strikes in Gaza.

October 9 Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant gave order to implement a complete blockade of Gaza. On October 8, the electricity supply was stopped, and on October 9, the water supply was interrupted. On October 11, the only power plant in the Gaza Strip also shut down due to fuel depletion. October 12, Israeli Energy Minister Israel Katz statedthat Gaza will remain without electricity and water supplies until Hamas militants release the captured Israelis. On October 15, Israeli authorities resumed water supplies to the Gaza Strip after agreeing on the issue with the United States.

Same day Israel opened humanitarian corridor. The IDF suspended shelling of the Salah al-Din highway from 10:00 to 13:00 local time (the same as Moscow time) for the passage of the population. According to the Ynetnews portal, at 09:00 the Rafah checkpoint on the border with Egypt will be opened for several hours, through which civilians from the Gaza Strip will be able to leave the region.

According to the latest data, the death toll in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has exceeded 3,900 people. By information Al Jazeera TV channel, the death toll on the Israeli side reached 1,300 people, on the Palestinian side – exceeded 2,670.

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