Biden about support for Ukraine and Israel: ”If not us, then who?”

United States President Joe Biden stated that the United States will immediately provide encouragement to both Ukraine and Israel, supporting the international level of defense.

As “European Truth” writes, speaking about this in an interview CBS News.

According to the words of the American leader, the United States has the ability to work, and the demands of work, and “A successful state is an important nation.”

“For God’s sake, we are the Honored States of America, the most powerful nation in history – not in the world, in the history of the world. The history of the world. We can talk about both of them and in doing so support our vital international defense. And If it’s not me, then who?” ,” Biden said.

The President stated that the grievance wars are important to the American people, and even in Ukraine, one of his goals was to prevent Putin, who is such a military villain, from occupying the independent country, between NATO allies and on the border with Russia.

“To find out what would have happened immediately if you had given in. Do you know that there is a great war in Europe in which we would not have been drawn? We do not want it to happen. We want to change over, so that these democracies are stable. I region “plays a vital role in the care of the world,” Biden said.

It was previously reported that the administration of the US President We may ask Congress You can see over two billion dollars in aid to Ukraine and Israel.

According to NBC News, The big house is ready to be washed with additional financing with koshta for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan and value for the border.

It was previously reported that the White House is considering the possibility of uniting in one shot before the Congress lament about military assistance for Ukraine and Israelhoping that this will increase the chances of praise for Kiev’s support.

The head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, in a meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky in Brussels on Wednesday, sang yogo to the one who The United States will continue to uninterruptedly give Ukraine a new lease of life.

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