Believers will celebrate the holiday in honor of St. Gerasimos of Jordan on March 17, 2024

On March 17, believers honor the memory of Gerasim of Jordan. In the folk calendar – Gerasim Grachevnik. The date according to the old style is March 4. What traditions, prohibitions and signs fall on March 17, 2024, the day of Gerasim of Jordan? Public news service.

History and traditions of the date

  • The day of Gerasim Grachevnik coincided with the time of arrival of the rooks, which is why it received such a name. People said: “A rook is on the mountain – so spring is in the yard”, “I saw a rook – welcome spring.”
  • Observing the behavior of rooks, they judged the spring weather: “If the rooks fly straight to old nests, the spring will be friendly, the hollow water will run away all at once.”
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  • It was believed that if the rooks arrived earlier than March 17, then this was a bad omen. They believed that then there would be a hungry and lean year.
  • The main treat for Gerasim Grachevnik was baked goods. Housewives baked birds called “rooks” from rye sour dough. It was believed that warm weather would come faster this way.
  • Also on this day, there was another belief associated with the kikimora, a type of brownie in a female form. If she was presented as a thin, frightening woman of small stature, then her head was disproportionate, no more than a thimble. She was also depicted as a dwarf with different eyes, one for the evil eye and the other for leprosy.
  • Very rarely, a kikimora was represented as a girl with a long braid, naked or in a shirt.
  • In Rus’ they believed that seeing a kikimora meant the death of one of your relatives. It was believed that it was on March 17 that the kikimors became weak, so they could be kicked out of the house.
  • On other days, people saved themselves with amulets and prayers from evil spirits. They hung junipers around the house, especially protecting the salt shakers.
  • Salt was expensive, and kikimors loved to scatter it.
  • It was common among people to sweep the floor with a wormwood broom in order to sweep away all the evil spirits, including the kikimora, which could not stand the smell of the plant.

    What not to do on Gerasim Grachevnik Day

  • In Rus’ they believed that on March 17, Kikimora could be hiding in shoes.
  • It was impossible to wear new shoes on this day. They said that otherwise the person would be punished in the form of a severe headache.
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  • It was also forbidden to go to the dentist on March 17 in order to protect your health.
  • You shouldn’t go shopping on this day, it won’t bring anything good.
  • You can’t listen to thunder, otherwise you can attract trouble. At the first sounds of thunder, you need to close your ears.
  • On the day of Gerasim Grachevnik, it is better not to admit your feelings, not to leave carpets and rugs dirty, and to laugh loudly.
  • Another ban was related to cats: it was forbidden to raise your voice at them, otherwise there would be problems in the family.

    What can you do on the day of Gerasim Grachevnik

  • On March 17, they pacified the kikimora: they swept the floor with a wormwood broom, and hung juniper branches throughout the house.
  • Housewives took care of the house on this day: they carried out general cleaning, prepared goodies and got rid of everything old.
  • People believed that it was on March 17 that they could go on a long planned trip. It will work out well and without difficulties.
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  • If you saw rooks playing today, it means the day was expected to be warm and sunny;
  • If the rooks screamed loudly, it means precipitation;
  • It was a flood if you saw a rook sitting on a black hummock;
  • On the day of Gerasim Rook, the sun shines – for a rich harvest of wild berries;
  • It was a bad omen if rooks were seen before March 17, which meant that the year would be poor in terms of harvest. And vice versa, the year promised to be fertile if the rooks flocked to the day of Gerasim Rooker or a little later;
  • It was a good omen to see a rook today – for money;
  • What the weather is like today, the winter will be like that.

    Name day

Name days on March 17 are celebrated by: Alexander, Vasily, Vyacheslav, Georgy, Gerasim, Grigory, Daniil, Pavel, Ulyana, Yakov.

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