Believers will celebrate the holiday in honor of Archbishop Euthymius II on March 24, 2024

On March 24, believers remember Euthymius II, who lived in the 15th century. In the folk calendar – Efimov’s day. The old style date is March 11. Public news service I learned what prohibitions, traditions and signs fall on March 24, 2024, Efimov’s Day.

Date history

Archbishop Euthymius II was born in Novgorod, into the family of a priest. His parents were the priest Micah and Anna. They could not have children for a long time and promised to dedicate their first child to God.

At the age of 15, Euthymius took monastic vows, and already in 1429 he was elected archbishop of Novgorod. During the years of his bishopric, Euthymius became famous for his virtuous life. He worked on the restoration of church churches, and also took care of the copying of church books.


  • It is popularly believed that on March 24, the movement of sap in birch trees begins. Birds arrive: finches and lapwings.
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  • In Rus’, many signs are associated with the cuckoo. For example, if you heard the voice of this bird, then you had to immediately blurt out money – “so that they will be found.”
  • On this day, major work began in the garden: cleaning was carried out, tools were checked for readiness for field work.
  • The weather was also judged on this day. For example, if there was frost at night, then snowfall was not expected during the day. They said that the weather would be good then. If the end of March turned out to be warm, one could expect a similar summer.

    What not to do on Efimov’s Day

  • On March 24, it was strictly forbidden to spread negativity and quarrel with relatives. Otherwise, the culprit of the quarrel may become very ill.
  • On this day you cannot touch or even pet kittens. Under no circumstances should you take them away from your cat. If you forget, you will be left without money.
  • It was considered a bad omen to throw away old things – leading to poverty.
  • The elders warned the girls that if they cry alone on this day, their whole life will pass in tears. Therefore, young beauties gathered in whole groups and went into the forest, where they gave free rein to their tears.
  • On March 24, it was prohibited to eat bird meat, and also to ask: “Cuckoo-cuckoo, how long do I have left to live?”
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  • Mothers are not allowed to leave their children with relatives on Efimov’s Day – according to the sign, the child will become capricious and whiny.
  • It was forbidden for pregnant women to lend eggs or bring them out for sale.

    What can you do on Efimov’s Day?

  • If the weather was nice and warm on that day, then our ancestors would do a lot of work in the garden: they would start cleaning and check that the tools were ready for field work. We tried to finish everything in time for sowing.
  • On March 24, the movement of sap in the birch trees began. Whole families of people went out into the forest to stock up on this healing drink. They believed that birch sap helped to recover after winter, charged with energy, and healed from pain in the stomach and joints.


  • Bad weather was foreshadowed by the cawing of crows that day;
  • It was believed that if a fisherman catches a crucian carp without caviar today, it means that in May the water in the river will not be high;
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  • It was a sign of rain if rooks flew high in the sky, while quickly descending to the ground;
  • It was considered a good omen to see a lark on Efimov’s day – a sign of rapid warming;
  • If you saw frost at night, you didn’t expect snow during the day; fluffy frost meant good weather;
  • After the icy conditions, precipitation was expected that day;
  • They said that it was frosty if the birds flew in together;
  • If ducks and rooks have not yet arrived before Efimov’s Day, then the frosty weather will drag on;
  • The swans sat on the ponds – they were waiting for the warming to come soon.

    Name day

Name days on March 24th are celebrated by: Vasily, Georgy, Efim, Ivan.



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