Believers will celebrate Eutropian Day on March 16, 2024

On March 16, believers will celebrate the memory of the martyr Eutropius of Amasia. In the folk calendar – Eutropian day. The old style date is March 3. Public news service I learned what traditions, prohibitions and signs fall on Eutropian Day, March 16, 2024.

Date history

Eutropius of Amasia lived in the 3rd and 4th centuries in Asia Minor. He, together with his brother Kleonikos and the nephew of the Holy Great Martyr Theodore Tyrone, Basilisk, preached Orthodoxy. For this they were persecuted, after which Theodore was killed. Eutropius and his brother were imprisoned, where they converted many idolaters to the Christian faith.

Soon Asklipiodotus ascended the throne, and was as cruel as his predecessor. He began to persuade the captives to the pagan faith, but upon hearing their refusal, he ordered them to be tortured.

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The martyrs were tortured for a long time, and when their strength was running out, the Savior and the angels appeared before the pagans. The pagans fell to their knees, and the insidious Asklipiodotus pretended to stop the torture. The next day the torture continued with even greater cruelty.

And then Eutropius turned to the Almighty for help. As a result, an earthquake occurred and destroyed the pagan temple. But Eutropius was executed anyway – his head was cut off and thrown into the sea.



On this day in Rus’ there was a ritual: people had to go around the field crosswise in order to attract the attention of the sun and ask it to melt the snow. However, they were prepared for any outcome, because they knew that the sun could be menacing. People used to say: “When the sun has set, don’t throw your dirty laundry in the street – you’ll throw it away.”

The main event of this day was the awakening of the bear after hibernation. It was believed that on Eutropian day he leaves his den.

What not to do on Eutropium Day

  • Since on Eutropian Day the owner of the forest, the bear, woke up from hibernation, our ancestors were afraid to go outside their houses. The animals were hungry, so it was possible to become a victim of a clubfoot.
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  • On March 16, they tried not to lend each other money, since it was believed that the debt would not be returned.
  • If you quarrel on this day, it will lead to loss of luck.
  • If you refuse alms to someone asking for alms on March 16, you can remain poor and sick.
  • On Eutropian Day, it was forbidden to throw away garbage in the late afternoon.

What can you do on Eutropium Day?

  • In the morning, the girls washed themselves with water, into which they dipped a silver jewelry or item in the evening. It was believed that such water has healing properties: it helps the skin to be beautiful and fresh.
  • On this day, the gate, front door and all the windows in the house were marked with a cross to protect against troubles and the evil eye.
  • Today it was forbidden to scold, quarrel, have negative thoughts and envy someone.
  • At noon on March 16, in the old days, people climbed onto a hillock or onto a roof and asked for a rich harvest.


  • We looked closely at the sky on this day: if the sun set directly into the clouds, it means that cold weather was expected on March 16th.
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  • If you suddenly heard a rooster crow at an unusual time, our ancestors expected significant changes in the weather.
  • A good grain harvest was expected if starlings arrived on Eutropian Day.
  • If they saw wagtails flying in that day, they said that ice drift would soon begin.
  • If geese were flying high in the sky today, they were preparing for a big flood.
  • There was a squally wind if clouds in the form of long stripes were visible in the sky.
  • We looked at the crows on this day: if the birds were actively bathing in the snow and preening their feathers, this meant clear and warm weather.

Name day

Name days on March 16th are celebrated by: Marfa, Mikhail, Sevastyan.

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