“Behind the Wheel” listed Soviet cars created with the participation of Porsche

In 1932, three Soviet engineers sent an invitation to Ferdinand Porsche on an expedition to industrial centers Soviet Union, intrigued by the possibilities of cooperation in the production of tractors. “Behind the Wheel” informs about this.

Porsche visited various cities, including Stalingrad, Kyiv and Nizhny Novgorod, but refused the offer citing his age and language barrier.

In 1973, Porsche Engineering proposed modernizing the Moskvich-412, although the ideas were ultimately not implemented. But the source clarifies that the proposal itself indicated the company’s interest in Soviet auto.

That same year, Porsche developed a project for new Moskvich models for the Soviet market, indicating a desire to expand its presence. It included body styles and four- and six-cylinder engines.

In 1976, Porsche offered to assemble the 924 model in Moscow, but the project was not implemented. In cooperation with the Soviet automobile industry, not only the Moskvich models were affected, but also the VAZ-2103. By the way, the unrealized projects were later applied to future VAZ models.

Earlier it became known that against the backdrop of the dynamics and results of the capital’s automobile plant, which in 2022 switched to assembling Chinese JAC cars under the Moskvich brand, it is worth noting a significant loss. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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