Azerbaijan began registering Armenians of Karabakh to determine their legal status

The Azerbaijani authorities have launched a special portal to register Armenian residents of Karabakh and determine their legal status. About it reported Azerbaijani news portal Day.Az with reference to the presidential administration.

Registration began for the reintegration of Karabakh Armenians into Azerbaijani society. The working group to resolve social, humanitarian, economic and infrastructural issues in the Karabakh region was tasked with determining their legal status.

The State Migration Service will accept and register electronic applications. Primary registration will allow Armenians living in the Karabakh region to effectively use all government services, as well as “satisfy socio-economic and humanitarian needs.”

On September 19, Azerbaijan began “anti-terrorist measures” in Nagorno-Karabakh. The next day, Karabakh authorities announced an agreement on a complete ceasefire. Then negotiations took place in Yevlakh between the delegation of the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh and representatives of the Azerbaijani authorities, after which the Karabakh military began to surrender their weapons. September 28, President of the unrecognized republic Samvel Shahramanyan signed decree on the termination of the existence of the NKR from January 1, 2024 and the dissolution of all government institutions and organizations.

By the morning of September 28 to Armenia from Nagorno-Karabakh arrived more than 65,000 people, by 12:00 local time their number exceeded 68,000.

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