“Avtovzglyad”: Parallel import of cars will be closed in the Russian Federation

The import of cars through parallel import is stopped in the Russian Federation. This is due to an increase in recycling fees, exchange rate fluctuations and other circumstances. The listed factors make parallel imports ineffective, Avtovzglyad reports.

It is emphasized that for dealers, supplying vehicles under gray schemes has become unprofitable, and many dealer networks have already announced the cessation of such deliveries.

Consumers themselves also do not want to overpay intermediaries and resellers for cars, which additionally supports the decision of dealers to stop supplies through parallel imports. Gray dealers temporarily filled a gap in the market, but were unsustainable in the current economic situation. The Russian automobile market is gradually restoring its structure and returning to traditional relations between dealers and buyers.

This change allows customers to once again count on quality service and warranties from dealers. At the same time, car owners who bought cars through parallel imports are forced to take care of maintenance themselves, which can lead to additional costs.

Earlier it was reported that motorists who bought cars of foreign brands produced this year began to experience their blocking when connecting the vehicles to uncertified diagnostic equipment. Read more on the topic read the material Public News Service.

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