World called the Skoda Octavia the most expensive model in September

New Skoda Octavia cars increased in price the most in September – by 13.9%. About it it says in a study by the service. Analysts took into account the average prices for new and used cars no older than 15 years old that were exhibited on the site.

It is clarified that the average price of the new Skoda Octavia in September was 3.8 million rubles. According to the information on the website “Rolf”which is the official dealer of Skoda cars, prices for the Octavia model of the latest year of production start from 2.8 million rubles.

The top three in terms of price growth also included the Russian-made electric car Evolute i-Joy (+13.4%, up to 3.9 million rubles) and Kia Cerato (+10.7%, 2.77 million rubles). In monetary terms, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class grew the most; over the month it added 790,000 rubles in price. (+4.5%, up to 18.3 million rubles).

In addition, by the beginning of October, prices for used cars increased to an average of 2.13 million rubles. (+7.6%). Among used cars, the Ford Fiesta 2012-2019 has increased in price the most. (+12.8%, up to RUB 1.017 million) and Honda Fit (+11.7%, RUB 1.268 million), as well as Infiniti FX 2008-2012 And Toyota Sienta 2018-2022 (both added 11.3% – to 1.974 and 1.35 million rubles, respectively). Cars grew the most in monetary terms Toyota Alphard 2017-2023 – they went up in price by 500,000 rubles. (+10.4%, up to RUB 5.45 million)

At the same time, prices for some models have fallen. In particular, Mercedes-Benz Vito cars fell in price by almost 300,000 rubles. up to 4.383 million rubles. (-6.2%). Also among the cars that fell in price, analysts singled out the Lifan Solano (-4.1%) and Lada 2105 (-3.3%). Prices for Chinese Exceed VX and Changan Uni-V fell by another 3% – to 3.9 and 2.3 million rubles. respectively.

At the end of September, Vyacheslav Zhigalov, vice president and executive director of the specialized association “Russian Automobile Dealers” warnedthat by the end of the year passenger cars may rise in price by 30% in annual terms.

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