Auto expert Vasiliev listed ways to easily start a car in severe frost

Abnormal cold weather, which has affected many regions, poses a serious problem for motorists. Many drivers face difficulties when trying to start their car’s engine in extreme cold conditions. Automotive expert Egor Vasiliev spoke about how to deal with this problem, as well as some useful tips, in an interview for Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

According to his recommendations, one of the ways to deal with the problem of starting the engine in cold weather is to regularly warm up the car to operating temperature. This will maintain the viscosity of the oil and greatly simplify the starting process. Modern cars, as the expert notes, are often equipped with a remote autostart function, which can make life much easier for the driver in frosty conditions.

If there are any doubts about the performance of the battery, Vasiliev recommends not to deplete it, but to use a special booster or seek help from other motorists.

He also reminds that simply turning on the headlights, contrary to popular belief, is not an effective way to warm up the battery. Therefore, it is worth reading the car’s operating instructions, which contain recommendations for starting the car in low temperature conditions.

Previously it was reported that car owners should remember that regular car washing is mandatory in winter in order to reduce the negative impact of deicing agents. More about this read the material Public News Service.

It also became known, that in January of this year Russia was gripped by severe cold, which caused problems for a number of cars. However, unusual complaints have been made about Chinese cars and electric cars.

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