Auto expert Ruzanov listed car brands that are problematic to maintain

Aleksey Ruzanov, technical director of the international network of car service centers Fit Service, shared information that the most expensive cars to maintain are American brands. Gazeta.Ru reports this.

According to Ruzanov, repairing Cadillac, Ford, Chrysler and Chevrolet cars, which are the most popular brands from the United States, costs an average of 9.9 thousand rubles for a car service.

Swedish, German, French and Czech cars cost the same as the average service bill. For example, a visit to an Audi, Volkswagen, BMW or Opel car service center will cost an average of 9.3 thousand rubles.

Cars of Japanese, Russian and Korean brands turned out to be the most economical in repair and maintenance. If you choose Toyota, Lada, Kia or Hyundai, the owner will receive lower repair bills. On average, a visit to a service station for these auto brands will cost 7.5 thousand rubles.

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