At Ternopil TCC, carry out verification through video from "packing" people

In Ternopil, the workers of the TCC and the joint venture forced the men into the minibus; in the regional TCC and joint venture they assigned a service check.

Dzherelo: mistseve vidannya “20 hvilin”, Ternopil region TCK SP

Details: Readers of “20 Khvilin” sent the editors a video showing people in uniform violently “packing” men from a minibus. Readers confirm that you know the video on the 6th day on the street. Tarnavsky, near the restaurant “Bacchus”, and also on the street. Luchakivsky in Ternopil.

In the comments they wrote that because of this drive there was an attack on the police. The police were informed that at the military hour all the brutalities that the TCC workers are complaining about are being sent to the Military Law Enforcement Service. Once the damage is confirmed, the VSP transfers the materials to the State Investigation Bureau.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office also reported that they had forwarded all the information and video to the VSP. The re-verification is very troubling.

The Ternopil region TCC and joint venture published a commentary, in which they acknowledged that the service check was due to the incident, and then came to the conclusion that the conflict was provoked by the citizens.

Verbatim TCC and SP: “What provoked the conflict? Verbal images and praise from the side of the people regarding the attitude of the TCC SP workers? Undermining their worth? Inflicting a blow on a military serviceman, as in one of the videos?

In order to resolve all the conditions that have been identified, the Ternopil OTTSK SP has assigned a service check, the results of which will be carried out on a daily basis.”

More details: Recently, the TCC announced that the notifications of the citizens are being carried out by military servicemen, as there may be evidence of military operations, the findings are surrounded by appendages after the removal of wounds and concussions and movements at the TCC SP for service.

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