At night, the reserves lost 28 of the 33 launched by the Russians "Shahediv"

On the night of June 12, the Russians attacked Ukraine with 33 Shaheds, 28 of which were destroyed by the Defense Forces.

Dzherelo: Povitryani forces

Verbatim: “On the 12th of June 2023, the enemy attacked Ukraine with attack UAVs of the “Shahed” type from the ground and from the ground directly – Bilgorod region (RF) and from Misa Chauda (TOT Crime).

Usyogo recorded the launches of 33 Shaheeds. The UAVs flew in different directions, so the defense was counteracted in at least six regions of Ukraine.”

Details: The PS informs that prior to the defeat of the recent attack, aviation, anti-aircraft missile forces, mobile fire groups, and radio-electronic warfare units were received.

Fired at night by the forces and personnel of the Insurgent Forces in cooperation with the PPO of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, 28 “Shahed-131/136” were reduced.

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