At Grozia the ritual work has been completed: the number of dead has not changed

The ritualists buried the people under the rubble near the village of Groza in Kharkivshchyna, where four Russian firemen kissed. The number of dead is as large as it was previously reported – 51 people.

Dzherelo: State service for emergency situations on Telegram

Details: As reported, at 19:50 near the village of Groza in the Kupyansky district, emergency operations have been completed.

A total of 51 people died. Among them is one child of 2017 rock people.

Six people were injured.


  • 5th anniversary of Russia hit me in the cafe-shop near the village of Groza, Kup’yansky district. Vidomo about 51 dead.
  • According to the Minister of Internal Affairs Igor Klimenko,a wake was held near the cafe for a deceased fellow villager. In his words, the incident was very precise, so there is a suspicion that the blow will come from the local bags.

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