Artist Vasily Livanov called the director of “Sherlock Holmes” incompetent

Artist RSFSR Vasily Livanov expressed his negative opinion about the director of the series “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson” Igor Maslennikov. In a conversation with, Livanov shared his views on Maslennikov’s work.

He recalled an episode of filming when the director said: “You guessed the director’s secret plan.” Livanov believes that such formulation is a sign of incompetence.

The artist emphasized that the success of the series largely depended on the work of cameraman Yuri Veksler and actor Vitaly Solomin, who played the role of Doctor Watson.

According to Livanov, Maslennikov did not have sufficient experience in filming detective projects, but he was still assigned this project.

Livanov also mentioned that Maslennikov had connections, but did not use them to his advantage, unlike Ilya Averbakh, who also studied with him and is a recognized director.

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