Artist and poet Gavriil Lubnin died in St. Petersburg

The artist and poet Gavriil Lubnin died at the age of 55 in St. Petersburg, the press service of the Garkundel art center reported on the Vkontakte social network.

“Our friend, the artist, several of whose works decorate our art center, the designer of a number of albums of the Auction group, the brilliant graphic artist and caricaturist Gavriil Lubnin, has passed away,” it says in the message.

As the art center explained, the artist had suffered from acute clinical depression over the past few years and was treated in a hospital, from where he was discharged a few days ago.

According to KP source, Lubnina found dead in an apartment with a stab wound to the heart, law enforcement officials are establishing the details of what happened.

The artist himself, despite his depression, actively participated in many art exhibitions; the cost of his paintings ranged from 70 to 200,000 rubles. He was also the author of several songs.

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