Animal rights activists have denied information about a pack of dogs near a kindergarten in Samara

All orders related to catching dogs near educational institutions Samara were placed under special control by the city’s Department of Municipal Economy and Ecology, as well as the trapping contractor. Animal advocates share relevant information. At the same time, they come out with refutations of media publications that talked about the “inaction” of the authorities of the regional capital and the contractor for WWTP in the territory of the village of Tolevy. This was reported by KP-Samara.

“No “aggressive dogs” on the territory of the kindergarten at st. Belogorodskaya, 3 no! This address is well known to us – the capture team has worked there many times. I responsibly declare that all animals that posed a threat were removed from the territory adjacent to the kindergarten and are being kept for life at the Good People shelter,” journalists quote Inna Tarasenko, director of the contracting organization for WWTP in Samara, Good People LLC, who commented on the situation with homeless animals and media publications on this matter.

It is clarified that “Good People” organized monitoring and confirmed their confidence that there are no traces of dogs in the fenced area of ​​the preschool institution. Representatives of the organization believe that the dogs live in other areas. In accordance with the opinion voiced by Tarasenko, the majority of animals that are left unattended and live on the territory of the village do not pose a danger.

Previously Public News Service reported, that in Samara, as part of a meeting of the provincial Duma, the number of attacks committed by stray dogs on people was named. So, over the past year, 6,166 city residents were bitten. In 2022, the number of Samara residents affected was 6,095 people. Representatives of the Samara authorities need to develop measures aimed at protecting city residents from the threat of stray flocks.

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