An official was killed in Kiev, who was preparing Azarov’s speech for RosTB at the hour of war

The Security Service of Ukraine for the procedural care of the Kiev Municipal Prosecutor’s Office informed the Prime Minister Mikola Azarov about the new suspicion and victorious the capital official, who was preparing his appearance for Russia in the hour of war yskogo TV station.

Dzherelo: SBUKievska miska prosecutor’s office, suspicion on the UCP website

Detaili: Prime Minister Azarov, who is suspected by the sovereign, was informed in absentia about the suspicion of public calls before the violent change and the collapse of the constitutional order or the burial of the sovereign and powers that encroached on the territorial integrity and incompleteness of Ukraine, confirmed and found lawful, interdicted the atrocious aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the sovereign peace, crimes in the minds of the military camp.

Law enforcement officers also called out and informed two of Azarov’s assistants about the suspicion, one of whom is a posadovat of the capital’s RDA.

According to the investigation, Azarov, while traveling on the territory of the aggressor power, created a Telegram channel to publish propaganda-type publications based on the Kremlin’s narratives, which shape anti-Ukrainian sentiments among his family. Materials are directed to the problems of sovereignty, territorial integrity and lack of development, defense, sovereignty, economic and information security of Ukraine.

In the course of documenting the malicious activity of the ex-Soviet regime, law enforcement officers established that the administration of the Telegram channel for his account is carried out by two of his assistants.

One of them is an active government serviceman and immediately takes over the position of the head of the organizational department in the capital’s district administration. Another is a huge spyvrobitnitsa from the RDA, who has recently left for the territory of the Russian Federation. How to confirm suspicion, published on the website of the Office of the Prosecutor General, is about Olena Khokhlova and Valentina Khlopyach.

The spokeswomen simultaneously coordinated the informational propaganda activities of the ex-president on the Telegram channel, as well as on the other side of the defense of the social barrier in Ukraine and Russian snakes. This interview and comments were organized by Russian ZMI.

According to the audio recordings released by the special service, the senior official (Khlopyacha) communicated with Azarov and the militant propagandists not only from the old house, but also from his work office in the future keepinstall.

The SBU notes that it has also been established that an official from Kiev has been vikrated by one of the subsidiaries of the “Humanitarian Support Foundation”, created by Azarov to finance the anti-Ukrainian “Salvation Committee” Ukraine”. Through this installation, the figure regularly collected payment for her “services.”

Having active ties with the Prime Minister and his ex-presidents, the women agreed on the information-based activity being carried out, which is coordinated by representatives of the Russian special services and is directly aimed at discrediting current power in the international arena, says the prosecutor’s office.

The court’s psychological and linguistic examination of the published materials clearly confirms the facts of the illegal activities of the suspects.

During the investigation, the defendant was found to have computer equipment and a mobile phone that she had used for communication with the Prime Minister, his “Moscow” assistant and Russian propagandists.



The official RDA official was informed about the suspicion especially at the place of residence. The next Prime Minister of Ukraine and his other assistant are in absentia, in connection with the changes in the indicated functions in Russia.

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