An apartment burned down in Rostov-on-Don where three migrants held an LGBT* party

In Rostov-on-Don, in a rented apartment, three transvestites (the LGBT movement is recognized as extremist in Russia and is prohibited) attempted to repeat the resonant Moscow “naked” party of Russian stars. They did everything secretly, so as not to get caught on camera, but the orgy was disrupted by a fire. This became known from the publication of the SHOT Telegram channel.

According to available information, one of the participants in the bacchanalia, due to the spread of acrid smoke in the room, had to climb out of the window onto the air conditioner in women’s underwear. The entire area was watching his actions.

Natives of Uzbekistan organized a semblance of the famous party last Sunday in a house on Voroshilovsky Avenue. At the same time, the men spent so much time that the apartment caught fire.

Two perverts managed to get out through the front door, and the third was sleeping when the fire broke out. He was cut off from the entrance by the flames and was forced to get out onto the balcony.

Climbing onto the air conditioner, the man began to scream heart-rendingly. He was evacuated by rescue workers using a ladder truck, but there were no casualties.

After the rescue, the “hero” had to talk with law enforcement officers. Experts found traces of drugs in his blood. It became known that the detainee moved from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don. In the Don capital, a man has been renting an apartment since December.

Earlier it was reported that the developer refused to sell a cottage in New Moscow to foreign agents and participants in the “naked party.” An advertisement with such restrictions was posted on the Cyan site. More about this read the material Public News Service.

*extremist organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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