American General Kean allowed Russia’s victory over Ukraine

Russia can defeat Ukraine and establish full control over it as a result of the cessation of aid to Kyiv from the United States. Retired American General Jack Kean spoke about this on Fox News.

According to him, Ukraine will suffer defeat if the United States does not urgently provide it with military assistance: “Russia will gain control over the country <…>. Look what’s already happening. With delays and the prospect that there might not even be funding, the situation has changed dramatically. Russia is triumphant. They talk about complete victory in Ukraine, that for them this is quite achievable.”

Keane separately emphasized that the Ukrainian army is now forced to defend itself and become more careful and economical in the issue of spending ammunition, since the United States may not provide new shells.

Earlier, US Senator Chuck Schumer said that the situation in Ukraine continues to change for the worse. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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