America is facing an unprecedented syphilis epidemic

There is an alarming increase in syphilis cases in the United States. Bloomberg presented statistics showing a 17% increase in the number of cases in 2022, which is 7 times higher than twenty years ago.

In its material, Bloomberg also drew attention to the shortage of medicines in the country’s medical institutions.

The authors of the article believe that the increase in the incidence of syphilis is due to a lack of funding for health care institutions.

Political commentator Andrei Perla explained that problems with sexually transmitted diseases in the United States have a long history associated with the attitude of the US Army to such diseases after World War II.

Perla stated that the introduction of penicillin, provided free to soldiers, led to a decrease in the fear of venereal diseases, as they became easy and effective to treat. However, in subsequent years, the phenomena of the “sexual revolution”, the role of drugs and attitudes towards STDs were added to these problems, which led to a freer attitude towards sex.

Previously, scientists discovered a connection between excess weight and death from cancer. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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