ALN: Smith executed with pure nitrogen suffered for 22 minutes

Kenneth Eugene Smith, convicted of the contract killing of Elizabeth Sennett, was in pain for about 20 minutes. His death did not come as quickly as expected. Details of the execution were reported by Alabama Local News (ALN).

According to the publication, the Alabama Attorney General’s Office assumed that Smith would quickly lose consciousness. However, according to media reports, the Prisoner remained conscious for several minutes. Witnesses also observed that he jerked his head back and forth as the pure nitrogen gas ran out through a mask that resembled a breathing apparatus.

This method of execution, based on the use of pure nitrogen, was used for the first time and caused much controversy. Smith’s spiritual director, the Rev. Jeff Hood, called this new method a “great evil.” The convict himself made the following statement before his death:

“Alabama is forcing humanity to take a step back tonight. Thank you for supporting me.”

It is worth noting that the decision to review Kenneth Smith’s sentence was made in 2017. The judge ruled that the convict should be executed. However, an attempt to administer a lethal injection in November 2022 failed because the needle could not be inserted into a suitable vein.

Psychiatrist and narcologist Vasily Shurov noted that the new method of execution using pure nitrogen is not more humane than injection.

It became known earlierthat Britain has recorded an unusual increase in deaths among middle-aged people, particularly in the 40-44 age group, over the first half of 2023.

It was also reported that in Shchelkovo doctors saved a woman who almost died from self-medication. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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