All votes cheered in Poland: turnout set a record

The National Election Commission already polled 100% of the results from 31,497 constituencies in the parliamentary elections, the turnout set a historical record.

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Details: Following these results, five political forces will pass to parliament: the conservative party “Law and Justice” with a result of 35.38%, the key opposition bloc “Community Coalition” with 30.70%, “Third Way” with 14.40%, “Livitsia” with 8.61% and the extreme right “Confederation” with 7.16%.

Thus, the results of “PiS” and “Community Coalition” turned out to be much lower for the exit poll, while “Third Way” and “Confederation” scored a little more, which was predicted below.

The turnout in the elections before the Seimas was 74.38% and, as predicted, set a historical record – the highest figure was 62.7% in 1989.

The turnout was especially high in the big cities – 81.5% of registered voters voted there, while the turnout in the villages was 69.5%.

A high turnout was observed among many young people: among the group of up to 29 people, a maximum of 69% came to the village.

Based on the results, nearly 8 million Poles voted for “Right and Justice” – almost as much, no matter what. Approximately 1.7 million more voters voted for the “Community Coalition” than in the previous elections.

With these results of the elections, I will formally help the parties “Law and Justice”, which is the last resort of 8 rocks, “Gromadianska Platform”, “Third Way” and “Livitsia” to take away the chance to formulate an order.

Guess what: On Monday, representatives of the “Third Way” bloc said,turn off the possibility of coalition negotiations from PiS.

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