Alferova’s daughter spoke about the family tradition after the tragedy at Crocus

Daughter of a famous actresses Irina Alferova Ksenia shared her opinion about the terrorist attack that occurred in the Crocus City Hall concert hall.

In her Telegram channel, she told her fans about the family tradition that they observe after such terrible events.

According to her, such tragedies make us think about the important things in life. Alferova emphasizes that you need to remember what is most important in life and pay attention to it. Ksenia declares that life will become real when there is love in it.

The actress admitted that they have a tradition in their family when they say goodbye to their loved ones. It is customary for them to always say words of love:

When I leave home, I always tell my daughter that I love her, she tells me that she loves me. We never part, even for a short time, without hugging. Whenever I call my grandmother and mother, I always end our conversation with the phrase: “I love you.” I want this to be the last thing they hear from me.


The celebrity shared that her grandmother Ksenia Arkhipovna, who is already 102 years old, started this family tradition, and then her mother continued it.

She turned to her fans and urged them to take care of each other and talk more often about love to their loved ones.

Let us remind you that Ksenia Alferova is married to actor Yegor Beroev, they have a 16-year-old daughter, Evdokia.

Earlier it was reported that Dina Saeva spoke out in defense of her compatriots in connection with the tragedy at Crocus. More details in material Public News Service.

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