Alfa Bank filed a claim for bankruptcy of the Cypriot parent company of Svyaznoy

Alfa Bank applied to the court to declare bankrupt the Cypriot DTS Retail LTD (owns 69.25% of the retailer Svyaznoy Network), should from the file of arbitration cases.

The bank’s claim was registered in the Moscow Arbitration Court on October 3. The application has not yet been published and has not been accepted for consideration. September 11 credit institution on Fedresurs reportedthat he plans to file for bankruptcy.

On March 22, the bank filed two claims against Svyaznoy for a total amount of 8.2 billion rubles. The defendant is DTS Retail. In the first claim, the amount of claims of which is 7.67 billion rubles, the third party is Svyaznoy. Its consideration has not yet been completed; the next meeting is scheduled for October 24. The second claim for the recovery of 548 million rubles. the court granted in June. In this case, in addition to Svyaznoy, the Russian office of Samsung was involved as a third party – “Samsung electronics rus company.

Representative Alfa Bank previously told Vedomosti that claims were filed against DTS Retail as a guarantor for loans that the bank issued to Seti Svyaznoy. An agreement on bank guarantees was concluded between Alfa Bank and Svyaznoy in April 2018 for 9 billion rubles. The bank assumed obligations to pay for the supply of goods to the network. DTS Retail has guaranteed that the retailer will return the money. In November 2022, Svyaznoy received a deferment on debt repayment until March 2024, but the company violated the debt repayment schedule.

In June, the Moscow Arbitration Court introduced a surveillance procedure against Svyaznoy. Earlier, Kommersant noted that at the time of bankruptcy, the company’s debts to creditors amounted to more than 15 billion rubles.

In July 2022, Alfa Bank filed claims against Svyaznoy Network and DTS Retail for 5.5 billion and 5.9 billion rubles. respectively. Then we were talking about a factoring transaction for the supply of electronics through a distributor “Merlion” The proceedings continued until the end of 2022 and ended with settlement agreements between the bank and the defendants.

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