AiF found out who buried Russian artists ahead of time and why

After the release of the series “The Boy’s Word. Blood on the Asphalt,” information appeared online about the death of actor Ruzil Minekaev, who played one of the main roles in the film. The 24-year-old artist had to refute such speculation. The publication “Arguments and Facts” reports that such a case is not the first.

Singer Valeria was “buried” in 2016. Then it was reported that the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation died in a plane crash. Later it turned out that the original source of the fake news was a Ukrainian news agency registered in Hong Kong.

In the same year, TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich was “buried.” An unknown source reported that the host of the “Field of Miracles” show died as a result of the accident.

The leader of the Lyube group, Nikolai Rastorguev, was “buried” several times. The reasons for his “death” were called a heart attack, an accident and much more.

Dmitry Pevtsov was in a similar situation several years ago. Then it was suggested that false rumors could have arisen after the actor bought a place at the Troekurovsky cemetery next to his deceased eldest son.

Earlier, Maria Shukshina called on the guardianship authorities to pay attention to Philip Kirkorov. The actress believes that the king of pop should be checked after his visit to Nastya Ivleeva’s “naked” party. More details in material Public News Service.

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