After the voice of the UP, the National Guard reverses payments to military personnel who are being killed "Shahedi" near Kiev

The National Guard conducted a service review and ordered to pay the borgs to the military services who shot down Russian drones over the critical infrastructure of the Kiev region and previously announced underpayments.

Dzherelo: the National Guard’s response to the “Ukrainian Truth”

Details: 2 Serpnya 2023 Roku UP wrote about skargu of the military Part 3101, they stated that they would not deduct additional payments for military service.

Already 4 years ago, a group of officers from the Head Office of the National Guard began a reconsideration. She paid for the military department of unit 3101 from the fireproof shelter of important objects, as well as paid for the price.

After this, it was decided to carry out a complete internal review of the military commands in the unit.

In order to pay the Borg for the deadly grass in 2023, some of them received additional funding. The current regulations regarding additional payments “are in the process of implementation.” The National Guard is expected to have military service until 2023.

The additional vineyards have already paid the soldiers for the red and sickle. This “Ukrainian Truth” confirmed one of the military units 3101.

What happened before: The 2nd Serpnya of the UP reported that the military National Guard, which at the warehouse of the company group was shooting down Russian drones over the critical infrastructure of the Kiev region, said that it was not waive the surcharge.

The soldiers sang, “We are ordered to mark the end of the battlefield. And they themselves are covering the area of ​​critical infrastructure and repelling Russian attacks on this object. For this battle, you will receive an additional 30 thousand hryvnia.

At the same time, the military said that since 2023 they were forced to pay additional taxes and were paid less than the basic 20 thousand hryvnia.

The commander of the military unit, as well as the press service of the National Guard, did not comment on the investigation of the UP.

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