Actor from the TV series “Bonus” Sergei Ryzhov has passed away

The State Russian Drama Theater named after Bestuzhev shared the sad news – the Honored Artist of Russia, actor Sergei Ryzhov died at the age of 80.

“The first day of the New Year’s campaign coincided with a heavy loss for the entire team. Sergei Grigorievich planned to go to the first Christmas tree in his favorite image of Father Frost, he had already learned the poems, rehearsed, but… this was not destined to come true,” says a message published on the theater’s website.

Ryzhov performed roles in many performances; TV viewers may know him from his role as the stepfather of the main character in the TV series “Bonus” on the TNT channel.

Earlier it became known that Russian stars Leonid Agutin, Alexander Revva, Valeria, Kristina Orbakaite and others will participate in the creation of a New Year’s film called “I love you – Je t’aime.”

It is noted that the performers will sing their own compositions in French, the arrangement of which will correspond to the ambiance of the French stage of the 1960-1970s with the scenery and costumes of those years. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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